During your education, you may encounter situations that require the assistance of others to resolve. As a Penn State World Campus student, you have access to experienced representatives who can help.

The action you take will depend on the nature of the issue you are experiencing. Please review the following options to determine which method of reporting is right for you.

Seeking Mediation

Submit a request to speak with a neutral, third-party representative from Penn State World Campus support staff, who can facilitate communications with others, including your instructor, and provide an unbiased perspective if your issue involves any of the following:

  • academic integrity
  • accessibility
  • course design
  • grades
  • group/team projects
  • student/faculty interactions (including instructor unresponsiveness)
  • technical difficulties

Confidentiality will always be maintained, as appropriate. Only information that is necessary to pursue a requested course of action, or that you have consented in writing to have released, will be disclosed.

Filing a Grievance

If you have a grievance and would like to file a formal complaint, visit the Student Consumer Protection page of the website if you feel you have experienced any of the following:

  • fraud
  • false advertising
  • other deceptive practices

Requesting a Tuition Adjustment

Adjustments for tuition will be determined on the effective drop date. Any adjustment of charges will be made according to Penn State's Tuition Adjustment Policy. You can also request to find out the amount of your expected tuition adjustment, based on the date you plan to drop a course, using the Tuition Adjustment Calculator. This calculator will provide an expected tuition adjustment amount for students in any course, including courses that do not follow the standard semester schedule.