Information for Undeclared Undergraduate Students

If you've decided that pursuing your degree is the right choice for you, then perhaps you'd like to be able to explore which degree program will help you achieve your career goals and align with your interests. At Penn State World Campus, you have the option of starting course work before declaring a specific major. Many students have used this option to make well-informed decisions before committing to their course of study at Penn State.

Undeclared Undergraduate Student Timeline

You can be in undeclared student status for up to four full-time semesters at Penn State. If you are a part-time student, you'll work with your adviser to constantly monitor your progress. At any point during that time, your progress and readiness can be evaluated so that you may transition to a major or a college within the University. Your adviser will help you learn about entrance-to-major requirements, degree audits, and recommended academic plans as you make this transition.

You will then be able to complete your degree through Penn State World Campus, or at a Penn State campus (not including University Park).

Customized Academic Advising

You will work directly with a dedicated academic adviser who can help you determine your education goals. Your adviser can help you select an appropriate educational path to build on your personal strengths and allow you to take various courses before selecting a major course of study.

Together with your adviser, you'll explore answers to the following questions:

  • What are my career objectives?
  • What knowledge do I want to further develop?
  • What interests do I want to explore?
  • How do I want to contribute to the world and my own community?

How to Enroll

To begin taking courses in undeclared status, you will need to submit an undergraduate application and select "DUS—Division of Undergraduate Studies" on the Program of Study section of the application:

Application screenshot


For admissions help as you apply for DUS, email [email protected] or call 814-863-5386.