Please Note: Tuition has been adjusted for the summer 2020 sessions in light of COVID-19 and the persistent fiscal strain it is causing across Pennsylvania and the country. Tuition rates are assessed every semester of enrollment. 

Your Penn State World Campus tuition is calculated at a cost-per-credit rate based on the program you choose, the number of credits for which you register, and the number of total credits you have accrued at or transferred to Penn State.

In addition to the cost-per-credit, students are responsible for the information technology fee each semester of enrollment, as well as course material costs. During your course of study you may also incur charges if you require transcripts, credit-by-examination, and exam proctors.

Tuition is due shortly after each semester begins. Several payment options, including an installment plan, are available. Learn more about payment options for World Campus.

Estimate Your Tuition

Use the tool to estimate the costs to enroll in a specific program. The tuition estimator will generate a result based on the most current academic year tuition rates.