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Learn How to Forecast the Weather with an Online Weather Forecasting Certificate

Use the program's innovative forecasting techniques and conceptual approaches to learn about meteorology, enrich your hobby, supplement your professional career, or build a preparatory foundation for future study or work. As a student in this program, you will have an opportunity to become a better-informed, critical consumer of weather-related news. Whether you are an amateur weather enthusiast or a weather-related industry professional, enrolling in this 12-credit certificate program can help you refine your skills to more effectively predict the weather.

Why a Weather Forecasting Certificate Online at Penn State

75 Years of Teaching and Research — The meteorology department at Penn State, with more than 75 years of rich traditions in teaching, research, and community service, is one of the most highly regarded programs in the United States.

Our faculty continue to pioneer research in areas such as weather communications, severe storms, tropical cyclones, weather risk, and more. This online program uses cutting-edge forecasting techniques as well as innovative conceptual models to help you learn more about the science of meteorology. Interactive, web-based animations can help you to develop operational forecasting skills and gain keen insights into how the atmosphere works.

You Can Earn College Credits — By successfully completing this certificate program, you will earn 12 credits, which you may be able to apply toward a bachelor's degree at Penn State or another accredited institution.

Who Should Apply?

Hobbyists, storm chasers, weather forecasters, or other professionals who rely on weather data to perform their job duties successfully can all benefit from this program, as well as:

  • sailing enthusiasts and pilots who rely on meteorological data to chart courses or plan flights
  • professionals whose businesses are affected by weather and who seek a deeper understanding of meteorology 
  • secondary teachers in Earth science who aspire to enhance their understanding of meteorology 
  • communication majors looking for a stepping stone into the broadcasting profession
  • weather enthusiasts seeking a preparatory foundation in order to pursue an undergraduate degree in meteorology

There are no formal calculus or physics requirements for entrance to the program.