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Undergraduate Certificate in
Weather Forecasting


The online undergraduate certificate in weather forecasting is a four-course, 12-credit program of study designed to provide students with a foundational apprenticeship in weather forecasting. To earn this certificate, you must successfully complete the four prescribed meteorology courses.

  • METEO 101 is offered spring, summer, fall
  • METEO 241 is offered every fall and summer*
  • METEO 361 is offered every spring and summer*
  • METEO 410 will be offered every fall and spring

The delivery method for the core courses in this program is "online group," with a group of students progressing together through each course. The courses are offered in a timeframe comparable to a traditional semester schedule, with fixed start and end dates. The course content and activities are available in electronic format, and access to the web is required in order to complete this program.

*METEO 241 and METEO 361 are offered on an alternating basis every summer semester.

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Weather Forecasting

Prescribed Courses (12 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Understanding Weather Forecasting METEO 101 Fundamental principles of synoptic and physical meteorology, satellite and radar imagery, and data analysis in the setting of mid-latitude weather forecasting.

Offered spring, summer, and fall semesters
3 credits
Fundamentals of Tropical Forecasting METEO 241 Applying atmospheric principles to the tropics, with an emphasis on the development, structure, prediction, and destructive impact of hurricanes.

Prerequisite: METEO 101

Offered fall and summer semesters*
3 credits
Fundamentals of Mesoscale Weather Forecasting METEO 361 Applying atmospheric principles to small-scale weather systems, with an emphasis on the conceptual modeling and short-range prediction of severe thunderstorms.

Prerequisite: METEO 101

Offered spring and summer semesters*
3 credits
Advanced Topics in Weather Forecasting METEO 410 Exploring highly specialized topics and techniques in weather forecasting that span from mesoscale to planetary spatial scales and short-term to long-range time scales.

Prerequisites: METEO 101, METEO 241, and METEO 361

Offered fall and spring semesters
3 credits

*METEO 241 and METEO 361 are offered on an alternating basis every summer semester.

Note: Prerequisites as listed may be waived by the course instructor if you can demonstrate the required level of competency.

Note: Students need to earn at least a "C" grade in all four courses to be eligible for the certificate.

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