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Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in social contexts, including families, schools, religions, and public or private organizations. Because all human behavior is social behavior, a background in sociology can benefit students in every field of study and offer you a better understanding of how social situations inform our decision making in both our personal and professional lives. A background in sociology can help you learn how to influence everyday processes to create better outcomes.

Penn State’s sociology minor allows you to explore a wide range of topics. Course topics range from social inequalities and social problems to the core institutions of family, school, religion, and government. The sociology minor has the flexibility to allow you to explore courses that are relevant to your specific interests. In this program, you will have the opportunity to study with highly regarded faculty from Penn State's College of the Liberal Arts, one of the premier institutions in the world to study and work in the liberal arts disciplines.

The minor is open to all interested undergraduate World Campus students who meet the prerequisites.