How to Apply - Master of Project Management

Deadlines and Important Dates

Your application portfolio, including receipt of all transcripts, must be received by the following deadlines to be considered complete.

For admission in summer 2014:
April 1, 2014

For admission in fall 2014:
June 17, 2014

For admission in spring 2015:
November 10, 2014

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once we receive your application portfolio, we will review it and notify you of a decision.

Admissions Help

If you have questions about the admissions process, please contact our Graduate Admissions Office at


For admission to the Graduate School, an applicant must hold either (1) a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or (2) a tertiary (postsecondary) degree that is deemed comparable to a four-year bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. This degree must be from an officially recognized degree-granting institution in the country in which it operates.

Application Materials

Completed application (including a nonrefundable application fee) submitted electronically. All institutions previously attended (including Penn State) should be listed on the application as part of your academic history, regardless of time that has passed, grades earned, semesters completed, or the accreditation of the institution.

One- to two-page statement of purpose uploaded to the online application addressing these points:

  • Why have you chosen to participate in Penn State Erie's project management program?
  • Describe how your previous or current work experience will enable you to apply course concepts to project management situations you have experienced.
  • How will these studies help you attain your career goals?
  • How will your participation contribute to the program?

Official GMAT test score

Three recommendations — Each applicant who is not an employee of a sponsoring partner (Rolls Royce) is required to provide three recommendations from academic or professional sources. You will need to initiate the process through the online application by entering names and email addresses of references. Upon submission of your application, an email will be sent to each recommender requesting they complete a brief online recommendation regarding your commitment for success in an online program. Please inform all recommenders they must submit the form in order for your application to be complete.  

English Proficiency — The language of instruction at Penn State is English. All international applicants must take and submit scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS), with some exceptions. Minimum test scores and exceptions are found in the English Proficiency section on the Graduate School "How to Apply" page.

Two official transcripts from each institution attended, regardless of the number of credits or semesters completed. Transcripts not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation. Penn State alumni do not need to request transcripts for credits earned at Penn State, but must list Penn State as part of your academic history. Mail transcripts to: 

Graduate Admissions Office
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
5451 Merwin Building
Erie PA 16510
Phone: 814-898-6818

How to Apply

  1. Review the Requirements for Graduate School Admissions
  2. Begin the graduate school application
    1. Select "Degree Admission"
    2. On the "Campus, Major, Degree & Semester" page:
      1. Choose "WORLD CAMPUS" as the campus
      2. Choose "PROJECT MANAGEMENT" as the major
      3. Choose "M P M" as the degree

Official GMAT Test Score Information

Because applicants come from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds, the GMAT provides a means to assess each applicant against a common standard. The project management program requires a minimum GMAT score of 450 for individuals whose GPA (undergraduate or a completed master's degree) is 3.0 or higher. Average GMAT scores for accepted project management degree students are: 554 on the exam, and 4.5 on the analytical writing assessment.

The GMAT exam score range is from 200 to 800. To determine the minimum total score needed, multiply your GPA by 200 and subtract the total from 1050. The remaining number, rounded to the next highest tenth, is what you are required to obtain to be admissible to the program. Example: 1050 – (GPA x 200) = GMAT Score Needed

The analytical writing assessment score range is from 0 to 6. The writing requirement can be fulfilled by obtaining at least a 4.0 on the analytical writing assessment portion of the GMAT, or earning a grade of B or higher in an English composition course. GPA conversions to a 4.0 scale will be made for those institutions whose grading systems are not based on a 4.0. Scanned documents can be emailed to for conversions.

To submit your GMAT scores for application to the project management program, you will need to do two things on the day of testing:

  1. Select The Pennsylvania State University–ERIE as a score recipient. In 20 days, Penn State Erie can access the Official School Copy of the GMAT.
  2. Print an unofficial GMAT score report and fax this to the Graduate Admissions Office, ATTN: Kathy Carrig, at 814-898-6053. This unofficial report allows the admissions process to continue.

To find out more about the GMAT or to register to take the exam, visit the GMAT website. A number of GMAT preparation courses are available online.  Penn State neither endorses any specific site nor guarantees that following the site's advice will improve your score.

FAQ about the GMAT:

  • Can I complete the 12-credit graduate certificate in project management without taking the GMAT?
    No, regardless of your intent to complete the graduate certificate or master's degree, a GMAT score is required as part of the application portfolio. Please see exceptions below.
  • Can the GMAT be waived?
    Many students in this program have advanced degrees and extensive work experience. Individuals with a JD, MD, or PhD can ask for consideration of a GMAT waiver. Requests are reviewed on an individual basis by the program director. GRE scores (from within 5 years) may be considered as an acceptable substitute, and will be evaluated on an individual basis by the program director.

Technical Requirements

Review the technical requirements for this degree program.