The Graduate Certificate for Principalship is composed of six required courses for a total of 18 credits. Students must earn a grade of B or better in all courses to be eligible for the certificate. Additional state certification requirements for Pennsylvania include the successful completion of an internship (one of the six program courses), a passing score on the Praxis test for school leaders, and a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate. Because this curriculum is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Principal Certification, no transfer credits or course substitutions will be accepted.

If you are accepted into the certificate program, you may begin your course work at the start of an academic semester including summer. The student course load can be three to four courses per year. However, it is strongly recommended that you take only one course at a time while working full-time. 

If you later choose to apply for and are granted admission to the Master's in Educational Leadership program and have earned at least a B or better in each of the six certificate courses, you can apply the 18 certificate program credits toward the master of education program requirements.

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Principalship

Prescribed Courses
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
School Improvement EDLDR 559 The course examines how educational leaders at all levels can determine, promote, support, and achieve successful school improvement. 3 credits
Principles of Instructional Supervision

EDLDR 560       (C-S 560)

Social and institutional settings for instructional supervision; functions, activities, and practices of supervision; supervisory case studies. 3 credits
The Principalship EDLDR 568 Principles and practices of administration of elementary and secondary schools. 3 credits
The Law and Education EDLDR 576 Legal bases for education; rights and responsibilities of school board members, administrators, teachers, students, and parents; due process.

Prerequisite: EDLDR 480 or teaching or administrative or supervisory experience
3 credits
Financial Management for Schools EDLDR 579 Financial management concepts and techniques for educators: district and school level budgeting process, hands-on budget preparation workshop, and budget management.

Prerequisite: EDLDR 480 or teaching administrative or supervisory experience
3 credits
Principal Internship EDLDR 595 Required field experience across a calendar year for students in order to receive their principal certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students earn 1 credit for each of 3 consecutive semesters for a total of 3 credits.

Prerequisite: EDLDR 480 or teaching experience and a professional certificate  
3 credits


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