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Earn a Graduate Certificate in Additive Manufacturing and Design Online

Additive manufacturing, more commonly referred to as 3D printing, is redefining how components are designed, manufactured, and certified. Building three-dimensional parts layer-by-layer gives engineers unprecedented freedom to design lightweight structures, consolidate assemblies of multiple components into a single part, and functionally grade structures to improve performance. To make the most of this revolutionary technology, engineers should have a firm grasp of the science and limitations of raw materials as well as the processes that allow them to be used in the design of parts and products.

Gain the Knowledge You Need to Succeed in the Additive Manufacturing Field

This 12-credit, non-laboratory graduate certificate can provide you with knowledge and skills in additive manufacturing and design that can open doors to new career paths and further education focused on additive manufacturing and design. It can serve as an entry into fields that make use of 3D printing, including aerospace, consumer goods, energy, medical, and oil/gas. It's also an excellent way for established engineers to add foundational knowledge of this emerging technology to their résumé and skill set.

Your Additive Manufacturing and Design Course Work at Penn State

The three courses you will take as a student in this program will provide you with fundamental principles and applications of additive manufacturing and design. Some of the specific objectives of your course work include learning how to:

  • apply foundational knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in the uses of additive manufacturing across multiple industries
  • become a competent additive manufacturing engineer, while maintaining the highest ethical standards in applying additive manufacturing to industry-relevant problems
  • identify the barriers to industry adoption faced by additive manufacturing technologies
  • articulate the value proposition for additive manufacturing in a given industry

Continue Your Additive Engineering Education Online through Penn State World Campus

All of the credits you earn by completing your Graduate Certificate in Additive Manufacturing and Design may be applied toward a Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design, should you apply and gain acceptance into the program.