You can earn the Graduate Certificate in Additive Manufacturing and Design by successfully completing three of the four non-laboratory courses in the Additive Manufacturing and Design Graduate program. The 12-credit curriculum will give you access to the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively across additive manufacturing domains.

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Additive Manufacturing and Design 

Required Courses (12 credits, complete three of the following four courses)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Additive Manufacturing Processes AMD 527 Covers the fundamentals of additive manufacturing process. 4 credits
Engineering and Scientific Principles of Additive Manufacturing AMD 545 Explores processes with a focus on the fundamentals of sintering and fusion of metals, ceramics, and polymers. 4 credits
Design for Additive Manufacturing AMD 562 Studies research in the field of design for additive manufacturing that aims to establish an understanding of both opportunistic possibilities (and quantify restrictive limitations when designing products for creation with additive manufacturing. 4 credits
Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials AMD 567 Focuses on the state of the art in understanding processing, structure, and property relationships in materials fabricated using additive manufacturing. 4 credits

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