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Undergraduate Minor in
Organizational Leadership


The 18-credit organizational leadership minor consists of 12 credits of prescribed organizational leadership (OLEAD) courses and 6 credits of supporting and related topic areas, including business administration, communication arts and sciences, criminal justice, economics, history, labor studies and employment relations, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and women's studies.

Course List — Undergraduate Minor in Organizational Leadership

Prescribed Credits (12 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Leadership OLEAD 100 Emphasizes key leadership concepts and practices based on current theory and research. It is designed to help students to discover the knowledge and skills that are characteristic of effective leaders. 3 credits
Organizational Theory and Functions for Leaders OLEAD 201 Examines the nature of organizations along with its various interconnected functions such as leadership, financial, communications, technology, production, sales, etc. 3 credits
Evidence-Based Leadership OLEAD 210

Starts by examining different kinds of evidence and analyzing their quality and usefulness; students can then learn how to use that evidence to improve their leadership.

3 credits
Communication Skills for Leaders in Groups and Organizations OLEAD 464/LER 464

Surveys the theory, research, and practice related to the communication processes by which individuals in groups and organizations exercise influence, whether or not they occupy positions of acknowledged leadership.

3 credits
Supporting Courses and Related Areas (select 6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Credits
Introduction to Business BA 100 3 credits
Understanding Business Processes for LHR Professionals LHR 427

3 credits

Emotional, Social, and Cultural Intelligences and the Implications of Leadership OLEAD 220 3 credits
Leadership Across Industries OLEAD 230 3 credits
Leadership Development: A Life-Long Learning Perspective OLEAD/LHR 409 3 credits
Leadership in a Global Context OLEAD 410 3 credits
Women and Leadership OLEAD 411 3 credits
Collective Decision Making OLEAD/LHR 465 3 credits
OLEAD Internship OLEAD 495 1-12 credits
Independent Study OLEAD 496 1-18 credits

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