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Undergraduate Minor in
Media Studies


The 18-credit Minor in Media Studies is composed of one required communications course and four elective courses selected in consultation with an adviser. At least 6 of your 18 credits must be at the 400 level. A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses that you take to fulfill requirements for the minor.

Course List — Undergraduate Minor in Media Studies

Prescribed Courses (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
The Mass Media and Society COMM 100 Mass communications in the United States: organization, role, content, and effects of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, books, and films. 3 credits
Additional Courses (15 credits total); Choose 3 credits from:
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
The Art of the Cinema COMM 150 The development of cinema to its present state; principles of evaluation and appreciation; examples from the past and present. 3 credits
Survey of Electronic Media and Telecommunications COMM 180 The development of electronic media and telecommunications, emphasizing social, economic, political, and global impact. 3 credits
Additional Courses (15 credits total); Choose 12 credits from:
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Women, Minorities, and the Media COMM 205 Analysis of historical, economic, legal, political, and social implications of the relationship between women, minorities, and the mass media. 3 credits
Law of Mass Communications COMM 403 Nature and theories of law; the Supreme Court and press freedom; legal problems of the mass media. 3 credits
Political Economy of Communications COMM 405 Structure and functions of American and other mass communications systems and their relationship to political and economic systems.

Prerequisite: ECON 102
3 credits
News Media Ethics COMM 409 Ethical problems in the practice of journalism; principal public criticisms of news media; case study approach. 3 credits
International Mass Communications COMM 410 The role of international media in communication among and between nations and peoples.

Prerequisite: select 3 credits from the following: COMM 100, COMM 110, COMM 118, COMM 150, COMM 180, COMM 251, COMM 260W, COMM 320, or COMM 370
3 credits
World Media Systems COMM 419 Comparative study of modern mass systems and the evolution and structure of specific countries' systems.

Prerequisite: COMM 410; and select 6 credits in the arts or the humanities
3 credits


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