Penn State's online interdisciplinary Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems Cybersecurity provides a solid graduate-level education for mid- to high-level information technology professionals in all industry sectors who desire to strengthen their knowledge and skills in information security and information security management. All candidates must complete 15 credits to earn the certificate.

Course List - Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems Cybersecurity 

Required Courses (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Network Management and Security IST 554 Essential skills and knowledge for effectively utilizing networks and Internet technologies to facilitate, manage, and secure data communications and applications. 3 credits
Foundations of Information Security and Assurance IST 815 This course provides theoretical and applied foundations of information security and assurance. 3 credits
(Select 9 credits from the following courses or other courses as approved by the college.)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Network Security IST 451 Fundamental issues and concepts of network security, network security technologies and protocols, and emerging technologies in network security. 3 credits
Computer and Cyber Forensics IST 454 Fundamental issues and concepts of computer forensics; aspects of computer and cybercrime; methods to uncover, protect, exploit, and document digital evidence; tools, techniques, and procedure to perform computer and cybercrime investigation. 3 credits
Information Security Management IST 456 Contemporary security issues; security management processes, architecture and models; risk analysis and management; security planning, analysis, and safeguards; security policies development and administration; contingency planning, incidence handling, and response; and security standards and certification processes. 3 credits
Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management IST 564 This course examines the fundamental elements of crisis, disaster, risk, and emergency management. 3 credits
Web Security and Privacy INSC 561 A web-centric look at the latest techniques and practices in computer security as they apply to the Internet.

Prerequisite: IST 815
3 credits

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