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Undergraduate Minor in
Human Development and Family Studies


To earn a minor in HD FS, you must complete 18 credits of HD FS course work with a grade of "C" or better.

As a student who minors in HD FS, you are encouraged to tailor the focus of your minor by selecting courses that fit your interests and complement your major area of study.

Requirements of the minor include:

  • HD FS 129 (3 credits), Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies
  • 9 credits of HD FS courses from any level
  • 6 credits of 400-level HD FS courses

Course List - Undergraduate Minor in Human Development and Family Studies

Core Course (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies HD FS 129 Introduction to psychosocial and family development at all stages of the individual and family life cycle. 3 credits
Elective Courses (Choose 15 credits; at least 6 credits must be at the 400 level)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Infant and Child Development HD FS 229 Theory, research, and methods of social/behavioral/biological sciences related to developmental processes and intervention during infancy and childhood. 3 credits
Adolescent Development HD FS 239 Social, behavioral, and biological development and intervention throughout adolescence. 3 credits
Adult Development and Aging HD FS 249 Physiological, psychological, and social development and intervention from young adulthood through old age. 3 credits
Values and Ethics in Health and Human Development Professions HD FS 301 Examines bases for choices among values in personal and professional relations in human development processes and supporting services. 3 credits
Human Development and Family Studies Interventions HD FS 311 Survey of individual and family formal and informal intervention efforts; historical and current perspectives and approaches.

Prerequisite: HD FS 129
3 credits
Empirical Inquiry in Human Development HD FS 312W Introduction to the skills involved in critical thinking in general and the methods of empirical inquiry in particular.

Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in EDPSY 101 or STAT 200
3 credits
Family Development HD FS 315Y Family functions over the life course; family from a multidisciplinary perspective, emphasizing adaptation and change.

Prerequisite: HD FS 129; 3 credits of social behavioral or human biological sciences
3 credits
The Helping Relationship HD FS 411 Theory and research related to interpersonal conditions which facilitate personal growth; intensive interpersonal competency training.

Prerequisite: HD FS 311; HD FS 312W; or 6 credits in human development and family studies or psychology
3 credits
Resolving Human Development and Family Problems HD FS 414 Strategies for, and roles of professional specialists in, the solution of problems in human development and family functioning.

Prerequisite: HD FS 312W; 6 credits in human development and family studies or psychology
3 credits
Family Relationships HD FS 418 Dynamics of family interaction; effects of parenthood, sibling and intergeneration relationships on family solidarity.

Prerequisite: HD FS 312W; HD FS 315 or HD FS 315W
3 credits
Infant Development HD FS 428 Conceptual analysis, assessment, and empirical investigation of normal and deviant development, prenatal through first two years of life.

Prerequisites: HD FS 229 or PSYCH 212; HD FS 312W
3 credits
Advanced Child Development HD FS 429 Processes of development during childhood from birth to adolescence. Emphasis on theory, method, and empirical research.

Prerequisites: HD FS 229 or PSYCH 212; HD FS 312W
3 credits
Developmental Transition to Adulthood HD FS 433 Conceptual analysis and empirical investigation of interrelationships between developmental processes during the period of pubertal growth.

Prerequisite: HD FS 239; HD FS 312W
3 credits
Development and Administration of Human Services Programs HD FS 455 Fundamentals of program development and administration of human service programs in community settings; emphasis given to program content, strategies, and the overall planning process.

Prerequisite: HD FS 311
3 credits

Note: As part of the course planning process, consult with an adviser as early as possible to be sure you will meet the prerequisites for courses you plan to use toward completion of the minor. For instance, with proper planning, completing HD FS 229 (which is a prerequisite of HD FS 428) can count towards the 9-credit block of HD FS courses from any level. Then, you will be eligible to take HD FS 428, which would count towards the 6-credit block of 400-level HD FS courses.

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