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History students
Undergraduate Minor in


The 18-credit Minor in History is composed of six required courses.

Course List — Undergraduate Minor in History

Required Courses (18 credits) — at least 6 credits must be at the 400 level
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
American Civilization to 1877 HIST 20 A historical survey of the American experience from its colonial beginnings through the Civil War and Reconstruction. 3 credits
American Civilization Since 1877 HIST 21 A historical survey of the American experience from the emergence of urban-industrial society in the late nineteenth century to the present. 3 credits

The Roman Republic and Empire

*Available spring 2020

HIST 101 History of the Roman Republic and Empire from the origins of Rome to the disintegration of the Empire.

3 credits


Europe Since 1848 HIST 120 Political, social, and ideological developments; origin and impact of two World Wars; totalitarianism and democracy; changing role in the world. 3 credits
Introduction to the Civil War Era, 1848 through 1877 HIST 130 Survey of the causes and consequences of America's deadliest conflict, the Civil War, from the end of the U.S.-Mexican War in 1848 through the end of Reconstruction in 1877. 3 credits
The World at War: 1939-1945 HIST 144 In-depth study of the origins and conduct of World War II. Political and economic aspects as well as military. 3 credits
Introduction to the Middle East HIST 181 Origins of Islamic civilization; expansion of Islam; the Ottoman Empire; the Middle East since 1918. 3 credits

Undergraduate Seminar

*Available spring 2020


3 credits


The Holocaust HIST 426 In-depth study of the history of the Holocaust in Europe that puts special emphasis on primary sources. 3 credits
Recent American History HIST 447 Contemporary economic, social, and political aspects of the United States and its role as a world power since 1945. 3 credits
American Environmental History HIST 453 The history of the ways Americans have used and thought about the environment since 1500. 3 credits
History of Work in America LHR/HIST 458 A study of selected problems in the history of work in the United States, especially since 1877. 3 credits

History of Imperialism and Nationalism in Africa

*Available spring 2020

HIST 479 Theories and types of imperialism; varied patterns of colonial administration; initial African responses; nationalism; decolonization and independence.  3 credits


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