The 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Global Justice and Security prepares leaders to identify and mitigate international and transnational crime and global terrorism. The credits earned in this certificate can be rolled into the Master of Professional Studies in Criminal Justice Policy and Administration, if you apply and are accepted into the program.

Required Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Global Policing CJPA 830 This course studies how police organizations from different countries communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with each other in order to respond to global crime threats. 3 credits
Transnational Crime CJPA 831 This course is about transnational crime activities happening around the world. 3 credits
Policing Terrorism CJPA 832 This course aims to understand the role of law enforcement in counterterrorism by analyzing the challenges, issues, and difficulties in policing global terrorism. 3 credits

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