Program Summary

Credits Required


Tuition per Credit


Employers consistently look for individuals with sharp business skills. Graduates with a background in finance can have a competitive advantage when faced with complex business decisions. To help you gain knowledge in the growing field of finance, Penn State World Campus has partnered with the Sam and Irene Black School of Business at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, to offer an Undergraduate Minor in Finance.

The 18-credit finance minor introduces you to a broad range of concepts in such areas as:

  • corporate finance and financial markets
  • portfolio analysis
  • investment strategies
  • risk and insurance
  • personal financial planning

The courses focus on providing you with a basic understanding of how firms acquire, allocate, and control their financial resources. Through analysis of financial statements, you can learn to assess the past and present performance of a firm. Whether you apply your knowledge to a career in finance or simply want to better manage your personal financial future, this minor can strengthen your ability to make sound financial decisions.

The knowledge and skills that you gain with this minor can help prepare you to work in a variety of fields, including:

  • business
  • entrepreneurship
  • financial planning
  • investment brokerage
  • insurance
  • banking
  • accounting

This minor is open to all interested undergraduate World Campus students who meet the prerequisites. Students in business or economics may find this minor particularly useful.