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Undergraduate Minor in

Program Summary

Gain valuable training applicable to starting a business or managing entrepreneurial programs for organizations. This undergraduate minor would be a great enhancement to a wide range of programs, particularly those related to business or economics.
Costs and Financial Aid

19 Credits $620/$664 per credit

Costs and Financial Aid 

Do you see yourself starting a business or leading the development of new products for larger organizations? If so, the entrepreneurship minor may be the ideal program to complement your undergraduate degree.

With the undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship, you can learn to play a crucial role in the way new ideas, opportunities, inventions, and technologies are created and introduced into the global marketplace. Whether you are a business owner or a member of an existing organization, the skill set you can gain as a student in the entrepreneurship minor will make you a valuable resource in developing new products.

The 19-credit entrepreneurship minor introduces you to a broad range of concepts, including problem-solving, teamwork, and communication, to help you succeed in any business setting. The course work spans many topics, such as finance and accounting for new ventures, the marketing of a start-up or new product, microeconomics, business writing, and more. This program will inspire you to succeed as an entrepreneur, as you learn how to:

  • generate concepts to patent
  • turn unique ideas into opportunities
  • launch a successful business
  • purchase an existing company or franchise
  • develop as a leader, manager, and innovator

This minor is open to all interested undergraduate World Campus students who meet the prerequisites. Students in business or economics programs may find this minor particularly useful.