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Master of Professional Studies in
Data Analytics – Business Analytics Option


Through the 30-credit online MPS in Data Analytics — Business Analytics option curriculum, you can learn to explore and analyze large data sets to support data-driven business decisions through the complete spectrum of analytics activities: descriptive (what happened), diagnostic (why it happened), predictive (what will happen), and prescriptive (what should happen).

You will take 9 credits in the program's core courses, 9 credits specific to the business analytics option, and 9 credits of electives in consultation with your program adviser. You will then complete your studies with the 3-credit culminating capstone experience.

As key concepts build from one course to the next, prescribed courses (BAN) for the business analytics option must be taken in sequential order starting with BAN 830. BAN 830 is offered each fall, followed by BAN 840 in spring semesters, and BAN 550 in summer semesters. The capstone course, BAN 888, will only be available in fall semesters. This sequencing is specific to the BAN courses and does not necessarily impact core or elective courses, unless where a prerequisite is noted. As always, please consult the program office if you have questions.

Course List - Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics - Business Analytics Option 

Required Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Foundations of Predictive Analytics IE 575 Survey course on the key topics in predictive analytics.

STAT 500 or equivalent
3 credits
Data Mining SWENG 545 Practical benefits of data mining will be presented; data warehousing, data cubes, and underlying algorithms used by data mining software. 3 credits
Applied Statistics STAT 500 Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, power, estimation, confidence intervals, regression, one- and two-way ANOVA, Chi-square tests, diagnostics.

Prerequisite: one undergraduate course in statistics
3 credits
Business Analytics Option Prescribed Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Descriptive Analytics for Business BAN 830

Explores the use of descriptive analytics concepts, tools, and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems.

3 credits
Predictive Analytics for Business BAN 840

Explores the use of predictive analytics tools and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems; includes a subset of methods such as neural networks, machine learning, social media analytics, and more.

3 credits
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BAN 550

Development of methods for prescriptive analytics with a focus on business supply side decisions and risk mitigation.

Prerequisite: BAN 840

3 credits
Electives (Choose 9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Principles of Demography APDEM 801 This course examines fundamental concepts and ideas in demography, and U.S. and world population trends associated with these concepts. 3 credits
Data, GIS, and Applied Demography APDEM 802 This course provides an overview of key demographic data sets, and promotes familiarity with, and appropriate use of, these data. 3 credits
Applications in Applied Demography APDEM 803 This course provides an overview of applications in applied demography in business, government and public policy, health, and non-profit organizations. 3 credits
Data Collection and Cleaning DAAN 822 Tools and techniques required for data collection and computational procedures to automatically or semi-automatically identify and eliminate errors in large datasets.

Prerequisite: STAT 500 and INSC 521
3 credits
Network and Predictive Analytics for Socio-Technical Systems DAAN 846 This course will study the inter-relatedness of cyber-social and cyber-technical aspects of an organization or society as a whole. 3 credits
Analytics Programming in Python  DAAN 862

This course will explore the development of analytics systems and the application of best practices and established software design principles using the Python programming language and its several toolkits.

Requires prior programming experience and permission from the program.

3 credits
Data Visualization DAAN 871 This course provides a foundation in the principles, concepts, techniques, and tools for visualizing large data sets. 3 credits
Enterprise Analytics Strategies DAAN 897 The course examines business intelligence in the era of big data. Emphasis is on the successful implementation of big data in large and small corporations that deliver extraordinary results. 3 credits
Demographic Techniques              SOC 573                Models and measures of vital processes (fertility, mortality, migration) and their effects on growth and age structure of human populations.  3 credits
Spatial Demography SOC 579

Exposes students to the spatial analysis tools and analytical methods applied to demographic research.

Prerequisite: a graduate course in statistics

3 credits
Statistical Analysis System Programming STAT 483 Introduction, intermediate, and advanced topics in SAS.

Prerequisite: 3 credits in statistics  
3 credits
Regression Methods STAT 501 Analysis of research data through simple and multiple regression and correlation; polynomial models; indicator variables; step-wise, piece-wise, and logistic regression.

Prerequisite: STAT 500 or equivalent; matrix algebra
3 credits
Applied Time Series Analysis STAT 510

Identification of models for empirical data collected over time. Use of models in forecasting.

Prerequisite: STAT 462 or STAT 501 or STAT 511

3 credits
Software Project Management SWENG 505 Analysis and construction of project plans for the development of complex software products; how to manage change and cost control. 3 credits
Culminating Capstone Experience (3 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Implementing Analytics for Business BAN 888

Sets business analytics in real-world context. Explores project life cycle from business problem-framing to model lifecycle management.

Prerequisite: BAN 830, BAN 550, and BAN 840

3 credits

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