Important Undergraduate Application Instructions

The undergraduate application is located on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

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To begin the online application, you will need a MyPennState profile.

Please note: Former Penn State students may not need to complete the application for admission. Refer to the Registrar's website for details about re-enrollment, a process for former Penn State students.

SAT/ACT scores are not required if you are identified as an adult learner

Online Application

The application consists of five sections:

  1. Profile Information
  2. Academics: Academic History
  3. Program of Study: Campuses and Majors
  4. Additional Information
  5. Review and Submit

You will be asked to enter your biographical information and academic history in the first two sections. In the third section, you will select your program of study.

Program of Study: Campuses and Majors

When you reach the Build Your Program of Study section, you will first choose the semester. Next, click on Campus/Location:

In the "Ending Campus" field, choose WORLD CAMPUS and click "Next":

After selecting your "Ending Campus" the "Intended Major" field will appear. Choose your major from the drop‐down and click "Next":

Once you select a major, you must select WORLD CAMPUS again as the "Starting Campus":

You will review and save your selections in the next window.

Educational Gap

An Educational Gap Statement is required for the application in the Additional Information section. You will be asked to explain any time that has elapsed between your high school graduation and your anticipated enrollment at Penn State. Please provide a summary of why that gap occurred. Some examples that would explain a gap in your education may include work, family, attending another college or university, etc.


Official high school transcripts or GED transcript, along with records from high school, are required, regardless of the length of time that has passed. All official documents should be sent to:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
The Pennsylvania State University
201 Shields Building
University Park PA 16802

When you reach the fifth and final section to review your application, you will see a link to the High School Transcript Release Form. For your convenience, this form serves to aid you in requesting that the official transcript be sent from your high school to Penn State.


After receiving your completed application, the Undergraduate Admissions Office evaluates applications and makes all admission decisions. It can take four to six weeks until an admission decision is made. You can check your application status online. This information will provide the most up‐to‐date information about the status of your application and is updated once daily, before 8:00 a.m. ET. Once the Undergraduate Admissions Office has made a decision regarding your application, the decision will also be available to you through the MyPennState link.

For information on when you can expect an admissions decision, visit the "Dates and Deadlines" page of the Undergraduate Admissions website.

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