Whatever you want to study or whatever career you're pursuing, Penn State World Campus can offer you the tools you need to learn, grow, and succeed. You don't have to take our word for it. Take a look at what students and recent alumni had to say about why Penn State World Campus was the right fit for them:

Family Priorities

"I am studying business management through Penn State World Campus because as a single mother, it is hard for me to attend in-person classes. Achieving my goals of getting a Penn State degree and supporting my daughter is achievable through the World Campus of Penn State. We Are... Penn State!" — Valerie F., Business Management 

"I am studying cybersecurity through Penn State World Campus because they have an excellent program, and I'm able to return to college without my wife and I having to completely relocate." — 1shotbill, Cybersecurity


"I am studying higher education through Penn State World Campus because it allows me to continue my full-time job in Higher Ed while completing my master's so I can continue to grow and do more to serve students in this field." — Brianne G., Higher Education

"I am studying for my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree through Penn State World Campus because it provides me with the flexibility to attend a highly ranked graduate program while maintaining a full-time professional career." — Mike A., Master of Business Administration (MBA)


"I'm studying health policy and administration through Penn State World Campus because they have the best online HPA degree program! I'm physically far from Penn State, but I feel connected, equipped with resources, and supported by professors and advisers. It's truly been a wonderful experience." — Sophia C., Health Policy and Administration

"I'm studying psychology through Penn State World Campus because it gives me the flexibility to work as a behavior therapist and get a degree at an esteemed school at the same time. Penn State is a wonderful school to have my degree from and will look great on my grad school résumé!" — bbcatluvr, Psychology

"I'm studying renewable energy and sustainability systems through Penn State World Campus because it's time for a career adjustment." — Kevin B., Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems


"I am studying human development and family studies through Penn State World Campus because it is easier for me to make my own schedule and log in to my classes when it works for me. I have a lot of health issues, and I didn't want to have to move to be closer to one of the campuses. I hope to use my major to help others learn to advocate for themselves and to be able to learn from and move on from trauma the way I have." — Jen W., Human Development and Family Studies