By exploring this site, you can research various Penn State World Campus certificate programs and learn about the requirements, curriculum, and what to expect as an online student. But perhaps you wonder, “What will my certificate actually look like?” That’s not an unusual question. Many people are curious about what the credential they earn when they complete a certificate program will physically look like.

The traditional look 

The diploma you receive when you complete a Penn State World Campus program has the dignified, traditional style you would expect from a college credential. “The Pennsylvania State University” appears in script across the top of the parchment paper document, with the University seal below it. The text identifies you by name and indicates that you have completed the requirements for that certificate program. The certificate specifies your program name and date of completion. The signatures of University officials appear at the bottom.

An image of a graduate certificate earned through Penn State World Campus
An image of a graduate certificate earned through Penn State World Campus
Dawn Bassakyros


A credential that supports our “One Penn State” philosophy

Another common question students and prospective students ask frequently is, “If I complete my course work online, will my certificate or diploma look any different than what other Penn State students receive?”

The answer is: no. Penn State World Campus is the “real” Penn State. Every student — regardless of their campus — receives an identical diploma or certificate that signifies they have completed a Penn State program. There is nothing on the certificate to indicate whether courses were taken online or on campus.

When your certificate will arrive

Students can expect to receive their certificate in the mail approximately six weeks after their graduation date.

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