Penn State World Campus Student Affairs will host a workshop for students on February 8 called “Land the Perfect Job.” 

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The event, part of the new Words on Fire: Leadership and Communication Workshop Series, will be led Dr. Lynn Atanasoff, a World Campus career counselor. Atanasoff will focus on communication skills associated with developing a résumé, writing a cover letter, and interviewing for a job.

The workshop series covers career skills such as creating presentations, communication, and working in groups and is intended to help Penn State World Campus students connect with others and share their expertise in professional settings. Workshops are scheduled for at 8:00 p.m. on February 8, February 22, March 15, and April 6.

The series was developed with input from student leaders and attendees at the fall student leadership conference, said Julie Fitzgerald, co-curricular program coordinator for Penn State World Campus. Students “wanted the opportunity to learn how to more effectively share a vision or ideas within a group setting, thus helping them to become better leaders,” she said.

Student Affairs is also planning to host “lightning talks” later this spring or early summer to give students the chance to showcase their skills, Fitzgerald said.

Each workshop will focus on a specific aspect of communication that can contribute to students’ ability to engage with audiences. 

The first workshop in January, on “Speaking with Confidence,” was given by Penn State communication lecturer Kathy Kile and focused on strategies for developing engaging speeches in virtual environments and overcoming speech anxiety.

On February 22, communications professor Amber Jackson will present “Making Authentic Connections,” a workshop on how to use stories to build meaningful connections with audiences and best practices when incorporating a story into professional speeches and informal talks.

“Choosing the Right Words,” a March 15 workshop led by André L. Culbreath, associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for Student Affairs and Residential Living at Penn State, will focus on inclusive communication, unbiased language, and diverse types of language usage. Culbreath will highlight best practices for selecting words that communicate understanding, compassion, and kindness. This workshop will offer an opportunity to practice these skills.

The final workshop of the semester, “Designing Engaging and Dynamic Visual Aids,” will be presented by communications lecturer Peter Miraldi on April 6. Students will learn how to use images and graphic organizers to create memorable visual presentations and how to present research and other forms of data in creative ways.