One of the perks of being a Penn State World Campus student is the access to Penn State’s suite of career services, including its career counselors and access to employers.

Penn State is holding a virtual career fair this month as part of its Fall Career Days, and World Campus students are encouraged to attend and meet recruiters from a variety of industries.

Recruiters from more than 50 businesses and organizations are expected to attend the Penn State Virtual Fall Career Day, which will be held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, September 28, on the web event platform Brazen. Students, who must register to attend, will have face-to-face video-conferencing sessions with recruiters.

The recruiters will represent companies in engineering, health care, finance, business, technology, the government, and more.

“We are one Penn State for career services,” said Lynn Atanasoff, a career counselor with Penn State World Campus Student Affairs. “We are excited that our online learners who cannot come to the in-person career fair can have this valuable experience to connect with recruiters and get in their pipelines for when they enter the job market.”

Atanasoff encourages students to contact World Campus Career Services for help preparing for the career fair. Counselors can review students’ résumés, work with them on their introductions to recruiters, and discuss other tips and strategies for navigating the event.

The online platform offers students the opportunity to join multiple recruiters' lines simultaneously. Their spots in other lines will be held when they are speaking with a recruiter.

Career counseling is just one of the services and resources available to Penn State World Campus students through its Student Affairs office. Student Affairs organizes leadership opportunities, assists students with creating and maintaining clubs and organizations, facilitates involvement in Penn State activities like Homecoming, and more.

Students can reach the World Campus Career Services office by emailing [email protected].