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A renewable energy project manager maps out sustainability processes

Policy changes, technological advances, and an increased awareness of the world's resources are creating a growing need around the globe for advanced expertise in renewable and sustainability systems. There is an urgent need to prepare professionals who can serve as leaders of the emerging "green" economy.

To meet the demands of this dynamic marketplace, these professionals must have technical depth in areas related to renewable energy, while also fully understanding the implications of technology on society, energy economics, and the entire project development process. A master's degree program in the field of renewable energy is designed to prepare you to lead the transformation of a fossil energy economy to a sustainable basis of operation. You can enhance your technical understanding and gain the advanced project management skills to help move sustainability projects forward.


Our 32-credit curriculum is designed to provide the technical education needed by graduates to lead the transformation of the economy to a renewable and sustainable basis. To earn the Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (RESS), students are required to take the following 14 credits:

  • A B E 589: Management and Design of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (3 credits)
  • BIOET 533: Ethical Dimensions of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (2 credits)
  • EME 504: Foundations in Sustainability Systems (3 credits)
  • EME 801: Energy Markets, Policy, and Regulation (3 credits)
  • EME 802: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (3 credits)

The remaining 18 credits are made up of a series of electives. You can work with an academic adviser to determine the course work that will best meet your career interests and goals — or start with one of the following four established options:

Not ready to commit to a master's degree? Explore one of our graduate certificates:

You can also take classes in nondegree-seeking status prior to admission into the master's degree in RESS program. For many students, completing one or more classes prior to applying for the iMPS-RESS degree helps ensure that online learning is the right option, and your academic record from those courses provides an additional source of information that can be taken into account when the iMPS-RESS admissions board considers your application.

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