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Develop effective communication strategies and create compelling messages

Whether you are looking to be the voice of the people, a business, or the boardroom, Penn State World Campus offers a multitude of online opportunities to match your professional goals. We can teach you how to hone your communication skills — as a leader, a team member, and a colleague. We help you understand why your communication choices matter — and how to communicate effectively to achieve goals within your organization. With programs in strategic communications, organizational and professional communication, and digital journalism and media, you can decide which skill set best fits your future.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Strategic Communications (Bachelor of Arts)
Learn to create powerful strategic communications through modern research techniques, messaging construction, and post-campaign analysis with the course work available through this online strategic communications degree program.
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Strategic Communications (Master of Professional Studies)
Leverage your professional experience with an online graduate degree program focused on advanced strategies and tactics in conveying information across digital media. No GRE/GMAT or communication undergraduate degree is required for entry into this management-geared master's program.
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Organizational and Professional Communication (Bachelor of Science)
Learn to analyze and facilitate interpersonal communication to help teams resolve conflict and build stronger relationships. The online professional communication program’s flexibility allows you to prepare for a career in law, business communication, health administration, or human relations.
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Organizational and Professional Communication (Bachelor of Arts)
Build a solid foundation in communication concepts, principles, and theories to effectively present reliable information to aid in decision-making and problem-solving processes within businesses and organizations with this online professional communication degree program.
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Digital Journalism and Media (Bachelor of Arts)
Keep pace with the rapidly changing field of digital communication. This online degree program is designed to give you a strong foundation in journalism, while allowing you to customize your degree through course work in telecommunications, visual media, and media management.
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What You Can Expect

  • Flexible, convenient online platform
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • A wealth of student support services
  • Highly engaged faculty trained to teach online
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities

More than 15 Online Liberal Arts and Communications Programs Available

Whether you are changing careers or aiming to advance beyond your current position, we have the credential you need to help make your next move. See all Liberal Arts and Communications programs offered through Penn State World Campus.

I'm in advertising and PR right now. My full-time job is almost like lab work, because I apply what I learn. In fact, I can't wait to get to work and apply it, and to test it. The lessons really resonate with me.

Andrew Miller

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