Master of Software Engineering

Software engineer draws equations

Software Engineers Invent the Future

Computing technology touches every segment of society, driving change and innovation in industries such as banking, manufacturing, medicine, aerospace, defense, and more. As organizations integrate new technologies to compete in the global environment, they require more computer software engineers to implement those new technologies.

As a software engineer, you can develop software products and services for industry and government through software analysis, design and architecture, system verification, and data storage and retrieval — all while managing globally distributed development.

Why Software Engineering Online at Penn State

Drawing on the successful resident program offered by the Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies, the online master of software engineering program addresses the need for software engineers to have a body of knowledge covering a wide array of software engineering topics.

The course content is enhanced through interactions with your fellow students and the faculty. You will move through the program as a cohort, creating a broader environment for collaborating and networking with your peers and faculty, while reinforcing instruction and content.

Who Should Apply?

If you have an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or information sciences — and you want to enhance your professional competencies, advance your career, or change careers altogether — Penn State’s online master of software engineering degree may be right for you.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

From the auto industry to gaming and from cell phones to defense, software engineers are changing the way the world does business. The skills you learn are widely applicable and in high demand across many industries. As a software engineer, you can advance your career in:

  • aerospace
  • defense
  • telecommunications
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • consumer products
  • biomedical
  • intelligence
  • nonprofits
  • government
  • finance
  • insurance
  • health care

Consulting opportunities for software engineers are also increasing as technology evolves and becomes a part of everyday life.

Online Education at Penn State

Penn State has a history of 100+ years of distance education and more than a decade of experience in online learning. We create an online learning environment that offers you the same quality education our residential students experience in a face-to-face setting. Learn more about Penn State World Campus.