Returning Students

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Resuming Studies at Penn State World Campus
If you were previously enrolled at any of Penn State’s campuses, you may be able to use your Penn State credits toward a new program of study within the University. Use the information in the table below to determine your path for returning to the University.

Were you… Yes No

… enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Penn State?

You may qualify for re-enrollment.

You may either  

… earning a 2.0 GPA (or higher) upon leaving Penn State?

You may qualify for re-enrollment.

You may qualify for reinstatement or academic renewal.

… dropped from Penn State for poor academic performance?

You may qualify for reinstatement and/or academic renewal.

You may qualify for re-enrollment.

… previously enrolled in a graduate degree program?

You can complete the Resume Study form through The Graduate School.

You will need to complete a graduate nondegree application through The Graduate School's online application.


Re-enrollment allows former degree-seeking students who have been away from school for 3 or more years to resume their studies. To qualify for re-enrollment, you must:

  • have had a 2.00 or higher cumulative GPA as of your most recent semester at Penn State
  • meet the entrance-to-major requirements of your intended degree program, if applicable
  • be in good standing with the University

Re-enrollment form (online form)


Reinstatement is a procedure that allows former degree candidates who have been dropped for poor scholarship to resume degree candidacy after meeting the criteria for reinstatement either by enrolling as a nondegree-conditional student or through academic renewal. 

Reinstatement form (online form)

Academic renewal

Academic renewal provides the opportunity for students with a poor academic record to start over with a new cumulative GPA. Credit for courses completed with a grade "C" or higher may be used toward a new program if it is applicable to your degree. To qualify for academic renewal, you must:

  • have been away from Penn State for four or more years
  • have had below a 2.0 cumulative GPA

Academic Renewal (PDF—print this form out)

Nondegree enrollment

Nondegree enrollment allows former nondegree students who were not dropped as a result of poor scholarship to resume their studies as a nondegree student. If you were dropped due to poor scholarship, you may be able to still take courses at Penn State. Please contact the World Campus advising office to discuss your options.

Nondegree enrollment form (PDF—print this form out)

How can I request re-enrollment, reinstatement, or academic renewal?

To discuss your return to the University, email six to eight weeks prior to the semester in which you wish to return. Include the following information: first and last name, telephone number, date of birth, last semester attended, intended degree program, and Penn State ID (if known). A World Campus adviser will contact you.