Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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Build Your Career with an Online Psychology Degree

The principles of psychology are used in nearly every field, from human resources and rehabilitative therapies to educational testing and business practices. Regardless of the career path you choose, the Penn State World Campus online bachelor of arts degree program in psychology can help you refine the analytical skills you need to understand interpersonal interaction — and implement valuable problem-solving techniques.

With a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, you can pursue a graduate degree or you can apply your knowledge in such fields as:

  • social work
  • probation and corrections
  • professional at-home aid
  • caregiving for the elderly and children
  • recreational therapy

Why a Psychology Degree Online at Penn State

You can choose the degree that best suits your career goals:

  • The Bachelor of Science in Psychology places a stronger emphasis on business courses through a dedicated Business Option. It provides an opportunity to gain knowledge of key business concepts within social service or study the application of psychology in the workplace.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides a broad education in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. It can give you the foundation you need to develop your career as a caregiving professional or in social work. It may also be a good fit if you want to attend graduate school in psychology or a related field.

The Psychology Club

Penn State World Campus is a leader in online education. In fact, the world’s first fully online Psychology Club was founded by World Campus students and includes more than 100 members from the United States, Europe, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The Psychology Club uses video conferencing, Facebook, and its Mind Over Matters newsletter to keep members in touch with program faculty and staff and to let them know about graduate education options, internships, and career opportunities.

Who Should Apply?

The bachelor of arts degree in psychology is an excellent choice if you plan a career that involves understanding why people learn, think, and act the way that they do. If you want to work in areas related to children, families, public health, mental health, or substance abuse, this degree can help give you the knowledge and skill sets you need or help prepare you to continue to graduate school.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

The bachelor of arts in psychology could be most suitable for you if you are planning to continue your training and become a psychologist or enter a career as a:

  • child, family, and school social worker
  • medical and public health social worker
  • mental health and substance abuse social worker
  • probation or corrections officer
  • professional caregiver

Online Education at Penn State

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