Residency Experiences - Master of Business Administration

Putting Theory into Practice

The residency experiences are designed to foster valuable student interactions with faculty, business leaders, and other students, while offering students a chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. A set of two one-week residency experiences is the only component of the iMBA curriculum not administered online. During these residency sessions you'll share your online group projects with faculty, business professionals, and other students. Through this immediate, practical application of course concepts you can acquire vital decision-making tools to communicate and develop effective strategies across all functional areas of business. Many students unexpectedly gain new and insightful perspectives into their own operations and put what they learn to work in their current firms.

The two residency experiences are held at the end of the 3rd and 8th terms of the program. Attendance at the residency experiences is required. The room and board during these on-site experiences are covered by your term charges. You must arrange and pay for your own travel to the residency sites. To review the dates of the iMBA residency experience for the upcoming fall and spring cohorts, visit our course schedule.

Going On-site

Residency Experience I:

In the first residency experience the students work with a prominent U.S. firm and its executives, integrating financial, organizational, cultural, and strategic themes as they dissect the operations of the firm and provide a perspective on future operations. In this residency experience you will travel to the city where the firm is located to get a hands-on look at the company and its operations. This residency site is determined by the iMBA office administration and will be announced during your term. Although it has never happened, the iMBA office has a residency experience prepared in the event that there are scheduling complications with the corporate residency site.

Previous first residency experiences have been hosted by companies such as:

  • Godiva
  • Bayer Materials Science
  • Michelin North America
  • QVC
  • EQT
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Veteran's Hospital (VISN 4)
  • Ramada-Doubletree
  • Kawneer
  • Restek
  • TradeCard
  • Ruskin

If you are interested in hosting an iMBA residency experience at your organization, please submit this form and we will be happy to speak with you further.

Residency Experience II:

In the second residency experience, the capstone requirement of the program, the students integrate the knowledge and skills attained from all the previous courses to develop and implement strategic plans in an international business environment. Guest speakers from business and industry take part in each residency experience. This residency is held at Penn State's University Park campus.