Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

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Prepare for Leadership Positions with an Online Degree

A rapidly growing global environment creates demand for professionals who are schooled in leadership. Employers look for individuals who exhibit strengths in problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, sound judgment and decision making, listening, and conflict management.

An education in organizational leadership can provide you with a broad perspective to prepare for today's complex social, cultural, and professional issues that you are likely to encounter in positions of leadership.

Why an Organizational Leadership Degree Online at Penn State?

Comprehensive Curriculum — The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership includes a curriculum immersed in the social sciences, humanities, and language, in addition to the prescribed organizational leadership courses. It can help you explore the role of leadership in organizations from a relationship-based perspective.

Flexibility — Online courses provide you with the flexibility and convenience to study around your schedule. Skip the lengthy commute time without sacrificing beneficial interactions with your knowledgeable, caring faculty. Learn from the experiences of your fellow classmates without leaving the comfort of your home.

Practical Skills — The curriculum in the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership can provide you with broad-based knowledge and skills that you can apply to many professions across various industries. Courses in psychology, sociology, communication, philosophy, management, and labor and employment relations can prepare you for a change in career or help you to advance into leadership positions in your current place of employment.

A Degree to Meet Your Needs — If approaching business leadership from a more humanistic approach does not line up precisely with your career goals or previous experience, you might prefer the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, which includes additional courses that explore leadership in business and other organizations from a social-scientific perspective.

Who Should Apply?

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is available only to adult learner students, as defined by The Penn State Commission for Adult Learners. The program is specifically designed to meet your needs as a working adult, particularly if you:

  • are currently employed in a professional or preprofessional position and want to expand your employment opportunities
  • occupy a managerial/leadership position but must obtain a degree for further professional advancement
  • have faced challenges starting or completing your college education due to life circumstances or geographical constraints
  • are an active-duty soldier or veteran looking to advance in the military ranks or transition into civilian life

Career Development for Graduates

A Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership can prepare you to work in a range of relationship-focused careers in which your leadership skills can contribute positively to the overall business climate and interpersonal interactions.

You may find this degree most valuable if you are interested in showcasing your ability to manage and nurture business and professional relationships through motivational strategies, conflict management, and other forms of interpersonal and social influence, in collaborative work environments, including:

  • manufacturing
  • service industries
  • government
  • communications
  • charitable and nonprofit organizations
  • multinational organizations

Online Education at Penn State

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