Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Emphasis in Children's Literature

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Debra Lampert-Rudman
Master's in Children's Literature
Pennington, NJ
Debra Lampert-Rudman
“I hope that the degree will open doors that will allow me to have an impact on the future of children's literature and literacy through my work with Barnes & Noble and other organizations.”Read more
Allyson Arnwine
Master of Education in Children's Literature Graduate
Children's Literature Master's Degree Graduate Allyson Arnwine
“[The faculty] went the extra mile for me, and there was no question in my mind that World Campus and the master's in children's literature was right for me.”Read more

Teaching Children's Literature Provides Cornerstone for Good Education

Because reading is the foundation on which all other academic skills are built, early mastery of reading is often a good predictor of future academic success. Educators and librarians who focus their professional development on children’s literature, developing their skills and knowledge to encourage young students to read, will continue to be in high demand in both public and private schools.

Penn State World Campus has partnered with Penn State's College of Education to offer you a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Children's Literature.

Help Children Discover the Joys of Reading

Penn State's online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Children's Literature focuses on developing your skills and knowledge in working with young readers. Our online courses can improve your strategies for encouraging reading and transforming the lives of young readers. You can earn professional development credits such as Act 48 in Pennsylvania while you complete all your courses online — with no required campus visits or residencies.

Penn State's College of Education is regularly ranked among the nation's best graduate schools, according to U.S. News & World Report, and this online graduate program is taught by the same nationally recognized faculty.

Choose the Online Children's Literature Graduate Program Right for You

Penn State offers two online children’s literature programs. Choose the one best for you and make your passion for children's literature the focus of your professional development plan.

  1. Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction — Emphasis Children's Literature
    If you are a teacher or librarian, this program can help you encourage young students to master their reading skills.
  2. Graduate Certificate in Children’s Literature
    This program is designed to expand your knowledge of children's literature through the writings of classic and contemporary authors. You’ll also have the opportunities to explore picturebooks, myths and folktales for children, cultural pluralism, and writing for children. All credits earned in this certificate may be applied toward a master’s degree, upon your admission into that program.

Act 48 Approved

Penn State is an Act 48-approved provider for Pennsylvania educators, so the courses for the master of education in curriculum and instruction may count toward professional development hours.

Who Should Apply?

If you are a teacher, school librarian, or other educational practitioner who wants to earn a master of education degree in curriculum and instruction, meet professional development requirements, focus on children’s literature, and improve your opportunities for career advancement, this could be the program for you.

Please note that this program does not lead to initial teacher certification, however, this program may help you to renew your certification. Check with your state's Department of Education for exact requirements for recertification.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Past graduates of our children’s literature program have achieved success as:

  • teachers
  • school administrators
  • professors
  • writers
  • publishers

Online Education at Penn State

Penn State has a history of 100+ years of distance education and more than a decade of experience in online learning. We create an online learning environment that offers you the same quality education our residential students experience in a face-to-face setting. You will even be able to access one of the leading university research libraries in North America - Penn State's University Libraries system, which holds more than 5 million volumes and 68,000 serials. You can search the online catalog and review databases as if you were sitting at a terminal in any Penn State library. Learn more about Penn State World Campus.