Courses - Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Emphasis in Children's Literature

Penn State's 30-credit online master of education degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in children's literature focuses on the knowledge and skills required to develop educators who work with young readers. Each course focuses on helping you to improve your strategies for encouraging reading, while meeting your professional development requirements. The capstone experience is a research paper or project.

Course topics include:

  • the art of the picturebook
  • myths and folktales for children
  • fantasy literature
  • theories of childhood
  • cultural pluralism
  • writing for children

The MEd in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in children's literature is composed of 9 credits of core courses, 15 credits of special emphasis courses, 6 elective credits, and a master's paper or project approved by your adviser. At least 18 of the 30 credits must be in 500-level courses. You can choose your elective credits from a selection of Penn State online courses, or you may apply approved transfer credits toward the degree. Please contact your Curriculum and Instruction academic adviser for more information about transferring credits.

Collaborative Experience, Practical Applications

The master's degree curriculum uses a blend of Web technology, print, and other media to maximize flexibility without sacrificing professor and student interaction. Communication tools including threaded discussions, voice threads, Wiki page comment areas, and email are used to foster a collaborative environment, providing you with the opportunity to learn from one another. The curriculum and course format will help you develop practical applications of the topics you study. Learn online when it is convenient for you, and immediately apply to your job what you've learned.