Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense

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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Agricultural Security and Food Defense

Protecting the nation’s food and fiber supply is of paramount importance to the well-being and prosperity of our country. A biological attack on our food supply may cause illness, loss of life, and economic and social instability. Penn State’s online Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense Graduate Certificate can help build your knowledge of:

  • current agricultural and food security issues and vulnerabilities
  • structure and roles of U.S. federal, state, and local government in agricultural biosecurity and food defense
  • recognition of a foodborne or agricultural disease event as a terrorist or criminal act
  • effective prevention, surveillance, diagnosis, response, and recovery from agricultural and foodborne disease outbreaks

Why Penn State for Your Homeland Security Education?

The agricultural biosecurity and food defense course work can be completed in just over a year and demonstrates to your employer your commitment to a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities and protection of our food system.

Penn State offers five online certificates, including the Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense Graduate Certificate. The 12 credits earned in the certificate may be applied toward the Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense option.

Who Should Apply?

The Agricultural Biosecurity and Food Defense Graduate Certificate is open to candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree. The certificate is designed for the new or established working professional, with or without experience in the agricultural and food security industry. The program is ideal for public health professionals, food safety analysts, quality control specialists, plant managers, food safety engineers, food defense coordinators, and food inspectors.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

You can find employment opportunities in both the private sector and government agencies. As a graduate in this option, you can choose from occupations such as:

  • medical/health manager
  • food safety analyst
  • quality control specialist
  • food safety engineer

Information for Military and Veterans

Are you a member of the military, a veteran, or a military spouse? Please visit our military website for additional information regarding financial aid, transfer credits, or application instructions. 

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