Special Interest Courses

Although most Penn State World Campus courses are completed as part of a degree or certificate program, there is also the opportunity to take exploratory courses. The following special interest courses are available to both current Penn State World Campus students and those not currently seeking a Penn State degree or certificate.

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Upcoming Special Interest Courses
Title Abbreviation Description Credits Semester Offered
Introduction to Agricultural Business Management AGBM 200 Application of management principles and processes to agricultural business firms in their planning and operating in domestic and international markets. 3 credits

Fall 2023, Spring 2024

Introduction to Equine Science and the Equine Industry ANSC 107 This course provides students with basic knowledge about equine science and its application to the industry to prepare them to be more effective communicators with industry personnel. Equine science topics include basics of equine evolution, genetics and breeds, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, and nutrition.  3 credits

Fall 2023, Spring 2024

Environmental Law and Policy EMGT 820 This course examines how law and policy impact the way we manage the environment, use natural resources, and protect ecological systems. 3 credits

Spring 2024

Insect Connections: Insects, Globalization, and Sustainability ENT 202N

An introduction to the diversity of insects and the ways in which they interact with humans and impact our world. This is a Science course that will use an interdisciplinary approach to look at biology and the interplay between nature and society.

3 credits

Fall 2023, Spring 2024