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“I would describe this as a challenging and personally enhancing advanced degree in leadership.  Through psychological research and peer collaboration, you are taught how to apply advanced leadership knowledge, styles, and theories to many diverse professions or your personal life. This allows you to positively influence those around you to accomplish amazing things.”

Duane N., Graduate

Leadership Degree for any Professional — 100% Online

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Psychology of Leadership is designed for working professionals who seek advanced education in leadership to enhance their careers, support organizational goals, and apply strategies for leading, influencing, and motivating diverse work groups. The program is based on well-supported psychological research that has been shown to increase leadership effectiveness. 

Our faculty have exhibited leadership in a variety of fields including the military, Fortune 500 companies, and education. Our students have diverse professional backgrounds, which leads to excellent group discussions and student engagement. If you work in a leadership position now or if you aspire to move into a leadership role, the MPS in the Psychology of Leadership is ideal for you.

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(Master of Professional Studies)
Build your knowledge of the social aspects of leadership. The curriculum is based on well-supported psychological research and theory that have been shown to increase leadership effectiveness.