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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Penn State online Bachelor of Science program incorporates business courses into the psychology curriculum. You can choose from courses in such areas as management, organizational concepts, ethics, human resources, marketing, or finance. This bachelor of science program offers two options: 

  • Life Sciences option: Complement your psychology education with a focus on the life sciences, including anthropology, biology, and biobehavioral health. Whether you are pursuing a career in counseling, rehabilitation, or other behavioral field — or if you are considering graduate education —  this option can enhance your psychology degree.
  • Business option: Prepare yourself for a career in business, HR, management, or administration with courses in ethics, leadership, and diversity. A business-oriented background can complement the analytic and communication skills acquired in your psychology course work and prepare you for success in industrial-organizational psychology, consumer behavior, or leadership.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Penn State online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program offers a broad education in the arts and humanities, and social sciences, and can prepare you for careers in human services, industrial settings, and laboratories. It is also an excellent preparatory program if you plan to attend graduate school in psychology or a related field.

This online psychology degree program can help you refine the analytical skills you need to understand interpersonal interaction and implement valuable problem-solving techniques. 

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Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Psychology of Leadership

The Penn State (MPS) in Psychology of Leadership online is designed for working professionals who seek advanced education in leadership to enhance their careers, support organizational goals, and apply strategies for leading, influencing, and motivating diverse work groups. The program is based on well-supported psychological research that has been shown to increase leadership effectiveness.

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