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Learn to Factor Weather and Climate Data into Decision Making

Many of the world's economies are sensitive to weather and climate hazards, and minimizing uncertainty has become a priority among leading commercial and government sectors. At the same time, access to real-time and historical weather data has never been more readily available. Penn State's online Graduate Certificate in Weather and Climate Analytics program is designed to address the emerging needs of corporate and government entities looking to integrate information gleaned from weather and climate data streams into their decision-making process.

Why Earn a Penn State Weather and Climate Analytics Certificate Online

In this program, you will have the opportunity to study with highly regarded faculty from Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, one of the premier institutions in the world to study in the meteorology discipline. The curriculum will prepare you to access, analyze, and manipulate atmospheric datasets, generate and test hypotheses, develop predictive analytics system, and present the results in actionable ways.

As a student in this five-course, 13-credit program, you can learn to:

  • identify and collect global weather and climate data for a specific weather-impacted scenario
  • clean, transform, and analyze historical weather and climate information with the goal of understanding a particular weather impact
  • use predictive analytic techniques to anticipate the future behavior of the atmosphere
  • effectively communicate weather analytics analyses and their implications to decision-makers
  • understand challenges and opportunities that exist when incorporating weather analytics decisions in commercial and government sectors

Your Penn State Course Work is 100% Online

The certificate curriculum consists of five required courses totaling 13 credits, including a 1-credit capstone experience. Leading your coursework will be faculty from the Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Department of Meteorology/John A. Dutton e-Learning Institute, who offer more than 75 years of service as one of the most highly regarded programs in the United States.

Leverage Your Education to Advance Your Career

Penn State is a member of the Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA), the association the weather industry uses to enhance public awareness of the weather risk industry and promote the growth and general welfare of the weather risk market. As a member of the WRMA, Penn State understands the complexity of this emerging market and the implications in industries such as insurance, consulting, and financial sector, and prepares students for opportunities to excel in fields important to both the United States and global markets.