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The combination of changes in societal attitudes, legislative initiatives, and advances in medical treatment and technology has increased opportunities for persons with disabilities to fully participate in societies throughout the world. To address the needs of this expanding population, many careers now require professionals to have knowledge and interpersonal skills to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The Penn State Rehabilitation and Human Services (RHS) Minor is responding to this growing need by offering the opportunity to gain the skill set needed to effectively work with people with various disabilities as well as those individuals adjusting to a variety of social needs and problems pertaining to addiction, homelessness, and unemployment. This carefully planned minor provides you with a foundation in rehabilitation principles, counseling approaches used in professional practice, functional aspects of disability, and strategies to facilitate employment of persons with disabilities.

The minor is open to interested undergraduate Penn State World Campus students across all disciplines who meet the prerequisites. Students of human development and family studies, psychology, biobehavioral health, and labor and employment relations may find this minor particularly useful.