The Graduate Certificate in Ecosystem Measurements and Data Analysis is a 9-credit online program offering a strong foundation in quantitative and spatial data analysis as it specifically relates to the monitoring of ecosystems.

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Ecosystem Measurements and Data Analytics 

Required Courses (9 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Applied Statistics STAT 500

Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, power, estimation, confidence intervals, regression, one- and 2-way ANOVA, Chi-square tests, diagnostics.

Prerequisite: one undergraduate course in statistics 

3 credits

Ecosystem Monitoring

EMGT 810

This course provides students with an overview of ecosystem monitoring methods and analyses. Students completing the course will have the ability to apply a quantitative approach to the monitoring of ecosystems.
Prerequisite: STAT 500

3 credits

Making Maps That Matter With GIS  

GEOG 482

Case studies, student investigations, and projects reveal the scope, impact, and character of the Geospatial Revolution.

3 credits


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