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Postbaccalaureate Certificate in
Geospatial Intelligence Applications


The GEOINT applications postbaccalaureate certificate course content focuses not just on technical skills but also on the analytical knowledge necessary to apply those skills in the real world. In the capstone course, you will apply what you have learned to complete a semester-long virtual field experience.

To earn the certificate, you must complete 13 credits of online course work. You may select from one of three tracks, giving you the opportunity to customize your education around your unique career goals:

  • Defense Track highlights GIS, imagery, and remote sensing (GEOG 882, GEOG 482, GEOG 483, GEOG 480, and GEOG 594A)
  • Security and Law Enforcement Track focuses on GIS and cyber & human networks (GEOG 882, GEOG 482, GEOG 483, GEOG 479, and GEOG 594A)
  • Business Track includes business location intelligence and cyber & human networks (GEOG 882, GEOG 482, GEOG 850, GEOG 479, and GEOG 594A)

Specific course titles and descriptions appear in the course table at the bottom of this page.

Program Flexibility

The GEOINT applications certificate program will operate on five 10-week terms. With two terms that partially overlap in fall and spring, and one term in the summer, you are provided with the greatest flexibility possible in completing your certificate at your preferred pace. You can choose to schedule your courses without any overlap or take as many program courses at a time as possible to finish sooner.

  • Fall 1 semester runs from mid-August through the late October. Fall 2 runs from early October through mid-December.
  • Spring 1 semester runs from early January through mid-March. Spring 2 runs from late February through late April.
  • Summer semester runs from mid-May through late July.
Timeline of five 10-week semesters

Registration for most courses begins three months before the start of the course. Given the limited number of seats available in our courses, early registration is strongly encouraged.

It is strongly recommended that you take only one course during each of the five terms.

Course List — Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence Applications 

To determine the first day you are able to register for classes, enter your semester, campus location, and student level into the Registrar's Registration Timetable. Note: Certificate students are considered "nondegree" as their student level.

Required Courses (Select 13 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence GEOG 882 Orientation to the geographic foundations of geospatial intelligence and its applications in national security, international relief work, and disaster management.

**This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the certificate program and must be taken before enrollment in any of the other courses.**
3 credits

Spatial Data Science for Cyber and Human Social Networks




Exploring Imagery and Elevation Data in GIS Applications

GEOG 479





GEOG 480

Examines the nexus of geospatial intelligence analysis with cyberspace, the geopolitics of cyber threats, the politics of censorship and hacking, public safety, disaster response, and humanitarian relief; students will utilize a range of cyber data, systems, and spatial sciences to examine human social networks of the Internet.

Prerequisite: GEOG 160, GEOG 482, or permission of program



An introductory-level course focusing on the use of remotely sensed imagery and elevation data in GIS applications.

3 credits
Making Maps That Matter with GIS GEOG 482 Case studies, student investigations, and projects reveal the scope, impact, and character of the Geospatial Revolution. 3 credits

Problem-Solving with GIS





Location Intelligence for Business

GEOG 483





GEOG 850

How geographic information systems facilitate data analysis and communication to address common geographic problems.

Prerequisite: GEOG 482



Understanding location technology and geospatial analysis to support an efficient and effective pathway to better business decisions.

3 credits
Culminating Experiences in Geospatial Intelligence GEOG 594A Culminating Experiences in current professional and ethical problems facing the geospatial intelligence professional.

Prerequisite: GEOG 882, GEOG 480, GEOG 482, GEOG 483, or equivalent courses

This course is a capstone course that must be taken after all the other courses in the certificate program have been successfully completed.
1 credit

Course Availability

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