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Child in school setting
Undergraduate Certificate in
Children, Youth, and Family Services


The courses are taught by Penn State faculty using a combination of web and email resources as the delivery method. Applications are now being accepted for the certificate in children, youth, and family services. Upon successful completion of the program, a Certificate of Academic Accomplishment is awarded. 

Course List — Undergraduate Certificate in Children, Youth, and Family Services 

Professional Core (15 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies HD FS 129 (GS) Introduction to psychosocial and family development at all stages of the individual and family life cycle. 3 credits
Infant and Child Development HD FS 229 (GS) Theory, research, and methods of social/behavioral/biological sciences related to developmental processes and intervention during infancy and childhood. 3 credits
Adolescent Development HD FS 239 (GS) Social, behavioral, and biological development and intervention throughout adolescence. 3 credits
Human Development and Family Studies Interventions HD FS 311 Survey of individual and family formal and informal intervention efforts; historical and current perspectives and approaches.

Prerequisite: HD FS 129
3 credits
Family Development HD FS 315Y (GI) Family functions over the life course; family from a multidisciplinary perspective, emphasizing adaptation and change.

Prerequisites: HD FS 129; 3 credits in social, behavioral, or human biological sciences
3 credits
Professional Electives (6 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introduction to Biobehavioral Health BBH 101 (GHA) Introduction to an interdisciplinary study of health, examining the interaction of biological processes and behavior on health. 3 credits
Values and Ethics in Health and Human Development Professions HD FS 301 Examines bases for choices among values in personal and professional relations in human development processes and supporting services. 3 credits

Foundation Courses (9 credits)

A series of core courses, divided into several areas of focus.

Social and Behavioral Science Foundation Courses (Choose one)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Psychology PSYCH 100 (GS) Introduction to general psychology; principles of human behavior and their applications. 3 credits
Introductory Sociology SOC 001 (GS) The nature and characteristics of human societies and social life. 3 credits
Science Foundation Courses (Choose one)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Introductory Physiology BIOL 141 (GN) Normal structure and function of the animal body, with special emphasis on human body systems. (Students who have passed BIOL 472 may not schedule this course.) 3 credits
Human Body: Form and Function BI SC 004 (GN) A general survey of structure and function — from conception, through growth and reproduction, to death. (Students who have passed BIOL 129 and BIOL 141 may not schedule this course.) 3 credits
Introductory Principles of Nutrition NUTR 251 (GHA) The nutrients: food sources and physiological functions as related to human growth and well-being throughout life; current nutrition issues. (Students who have passed NUTR 151 may not schedule this course.) 3 credits
Writing/Speaking Foundation Courses (Choose one)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Effective Speech CAS 100 (GWS) Principles of communication, implemented through analysis and evaluation of messages, with some attention to formal speaking and group discussion. 3 credits
Rhetoric and Composition ENGL 015 (GWS) Instruction and practice in writing expository prose that shows sensitivity to audience and purpose.

Prerequisite: ENGL 004 or satisfactory performance on the English placement examination
3 credits


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