Global issues related to diminishing fossil fuel supplies, increasing demand for energy, and national security are contributing to rapid growth in the use of renewable biomass as a source of energy.

Courses in the 12-credit bioenergy graduate certificate can help prepare you to lead bioenergy projects by covering such topics as:

  • applied technologies used in production and conversion of biomass into transportation fuels, heat, power, electricity, chemicals, and other value-added products
  • the selection of suitable machines for a specific application of biomass harvesting and handling based on quantitative evaluations and cost analysis
  • conversions of raw agricultural materials into bioenergy with a focus on liquid biofuels
  • characteristics, production, and improvement of the major types of plant biomass feedstocks that are used to produce biomass energy

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Bioenergy 

You can earn the Graduate Certificate in Bioenergy by successfully completing four online courses.

Required Courses (12 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Biomass Energy Systems A B E 884 Theories and applied technologies for production and conversion of biomass into energy and co-products. 3 credits
Biomass Harvesting and Logistics A B E 885 Biomass harvesting and handling scenarios and relevant cost analysis and systematic considerations.

Prerequisite: A B E 884
3 credits
Conversion Technologies for Bioenergy Production A B E 888 Applications of chemical, biochemical, thermochemical, and bioseparation technologies for production of bioenergy.

Prerequisite: A B E 884
3 credits
Bioenergy Feedstocks FOR 880 This course comprehensively addresses the characteristics, production, and improvement of plants as feedstocks for conversion to energy.

Prerequisite: A B E 884
3 credits


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