Joanne E. Gerenser

Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Sciences, City University of New York Graduate Center
> M.A., Speech and Hearing Sciences, Ohio State University
B.S., Speech Pathology and Audiology, SUNY at Geneseo

Dr. Joanne E. Gerenser, CCC-SLP, is the executive director of Eden II Programs, a not-for-profit organization that serves the autism community of Staten Island, New York City, and Long Island through education, adult day programs, residential care, and numerous other services. She co-authored the interactive CD-ROM titled Behavioral Programming for Children with Autism, and she has written several book chapters and articles on autism and developmental disabilities. Dr. Gerenser has also won numerous awards for her work with individuals with autism. She sits on a number of professional advisory boards for autism service providers.

Tom Kitchen

M.S., Special Education, Mercyhurst University
B.A., Elementary and Special Education, Mercyhurst University

Tom Kitchen, BCBA, is an assistant professor of special education at Mercyhurst University and an adjunct instructor for Penn State. During his career in the autism field, he has served as a direct care therapist, special education teacher, behavior analyst, staff trainer, consultant, and agency administrator. His research interests include effective instructional techniques, curriculum development for language and social skills, reduction of problem behaviors including severe aggression and self-injury, systems development, staff performance management, and parent/staff training.

Pamela Wolfe

Ph.D., Special Education, University of Virginia
M.S., Special Education, University of Kansas
B.S., Special Education, University of Kansas

Dr. Pamela Wolfe is an associate professor of special education at Penn State and the director of the Educating Individuals with Autism certificate program. Her teaching and research center on work with persons having autism spectrum disorders (ASD), severe disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. Her research includes interventions related to social skills and sexuality for persons with ASD, as well as advocacy and transition. She has presented at international and national conferences on topics such as teacher training, application of evidence based instruction, and intervention models.

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