Relevant Course Work

Penn State's 30-credit online MPS in art education curriculum focuses on professional advancement in the knowledge area of art educational theory and practice. Each course focuses on helping you to look at familiar teaching situations in new ways while meeting your professional development requirements.

Course topics include:

  • new media and global connections
  • diversity matters in art education
  • public pedagogy of visual culture
  • informal learning in museums and cultural institutions
  • curriculum design: theory and practice
  • action research

The MPS in art education is composed of 18 credits of core courses, an additional 6 credits of foundational courses at the 400 level or above (to be determined during a consultation with an art education adviser), and 6 elective credits chosen from a selection of Penn State online courses.

Students accepted into the program may begin their course work during any academic semester. The typical student course load is expected to be 3 to 4 courses per year. At the rate of four 3-credit courses per year, most students will complete the MPS in art education program in about 2 and a half years of part-time study.

Collaborative Experience, Practical Applications

The master's degree curriculum uses a blend of Web technology, print, and other media to maximize flexibility without sacrificing professor and student interaction. Communication tools, including bulletin boards and e-mail, are used to foster a collaborative environment, providing you with the opportunity to learn from one another. The curriculum and course format will help you develop practical applications of the topics you study. Learn online when it is convenient for you, and immediately apply what you've learned to your job.

Course List - Master of Professional Studies in Art Education 

Required Core Courses (18 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
New Media and Pedagogy A ED 811 An exploration of the relationships between new forms of communication technologies and beliefs about the nature of knowledge and the nature of art. 3 credits
Diversity, Visual Culture, and Pedagogy A ED 812 Diversity matters in museum and K–12 art education contexts. 3 credits
Contemporary Art and Public Pedagogy A ED 813 Inquiry into the public pedagogy of contemporary visual culture for relevancy to museum and K–12 art education contexts. 3 credits
Pedagogy of Informal Learning A ED 814 Pedagogy and contexts for learning in museums and other cultural institutions. 3 credits
Action Research in Art/Museum Education A ED 815 Develop a reflective process with the aim of improving strategies, practices, and knowledge of the environments within which you practice art education. 3 credits
Research Topics A ED 594

Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis

View action research projects of MPS in AED graduates

3 credits

The following courses are approved foundational courses for this program.

Foundational Courses (6 credits)*
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Overview of Contemporary School Curriculum C I 550 Current school programs and options and their impact on pupils; problems in introducing new content into the curriculum.

Prerequisite: 12 credits in education and psychology or teaching experience
3 credits
Curriculum Design: Theory and Practice EDLDR 551 The analysis and use of the foundations that underlie models of curriculum design. 3 credits
Principles of Instructional Supervision EDLDR 560 Social and institutional settings for instructional supervision; functions, activities, and practices of supervision; supervisory case studies. 3 credits
Designing Staff Development Programs EDLDR 563 Designing, implementing, and evaluating effective staff development programs for personnel in educational settings. 3 credits
Intro to Adult Education ADTED 460 History, methods, agencies, program areas, and problems of adult education in the United States. 3 credits
Teaching Adults Responsibly ADTED 505 Examination of direct and indirect teaching; contracts, application of current technology, andragogy, motivation, evaluation; knowledge of research. 3 credits

*You must speak with an art education academic adviser before choosing your foundational courses.

The following courses are approved as 400-level or above electives for this program.

Elective Courses (6 credits)*
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Issues in Curriculum EDLDR 553 The course provides a broad overview of contemporary school-based issues that stem from or become associated with the school curriculum. 3 credits
Teaching as Inquiry C I 501 In this course, students are expected to complete a sustained, systematic inquiry (typically empirical in nature). 3 credits
Studies in Literature for Children LL ED 502 Study of various genres of children's literature from various critical perspectives; emphasis on role of literature in children's lives. 3 credits
Introduction to Distance Education ADTED 470 An introduction to the history, philosophy, organizations, learning theories, and instructional procedures used in American and international distance education. 3 credits
Educational Technology Integration LDT 440 Surveys contemporary readings, software, and hardware to explore the intersection of learning, teaching, technology use. Students analyze contemporary uses of technology to support learning through readings, multimedia, and hands-on experience. * Only offered in the summer semesters. 3 credits

*You must speak with an art education academic adviser before choosing your elective courses.

Course Availability

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