Military Student Experience Webinar

December 12, 2019 / 12:00 pm (EST) 1:00 pm (EST)

Our military student experience webinar is your first look into the Penn State World Campus experience, providing information about the University, our programs, and how a Penn State education can help you advance your career.

The Penn State World Campus Military Support Team, including admissions and academic advising staff, will deliver this 30-minute presentation followed by live Q&A. Learn more about:

  • how industry leaders view your Penn State degree
  • how you can benefit from a worldwide alumni network of more than 692,000 Penn Staters
  • the convenience and flexibility you can expect from Penn State's top-ranked online programs
  • grants and scholarships designed for you
  • how to apply for admission and financial aid
Joey Donaghy

Joey Donaghy is an Admissions Counselor with Penn State World Campus Admissions Services and Financial Aid. He graduated from Penn State World Campus with a M.Ed. in Higher Education.

Margaret Oakar

Dr. Margaret Oakar is the Associate Director at Penn State World Campus Admissions Services and Financial Aid. She completed her Ph.D. at Penn State where she studied transitional experiences of military students who study online.

Rosemary Petrunyak