Professional Certificate in U.S. Business and Constitutional Law

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Enhance Your Professional Credentials with Online Courses in U.S. Law

Penn State World Campus, in partnership with The Penn State University, Dickinson School of Law (Penn State Law), offers the online Professional Certificate in U.S. Business and Constitutional Law.

This online program introduces common law legal analysis and fundamental elements of U.S. public and private law with emphasis on legal English language and communication skills. The program, designed primarily for internationally trained lawyers who are not native English speakers, consists of three courses that may be taken individually or in any combination.

To earn the professional certificate, you must successfully complete all three courses in:  

  • Introduction to Common Law Analysis and Language
  • U.S. Constitutional Law and Analysis
  • Introduction to U.S. Business Associations and Commercial Law

In this program you can learn and practice common law analysis through interactive exercises. The first course, Introduction to Common Law Analysis and Language, provides an intensive introduction to the methods of common law legal analysis and understanding common law cases. The course focuses on building skills in reading and writing for effective legal communication. Law professors and linguists will provide you with extensive feedback and guidance, which can be especially helpful if you practice outside the U.S. and if English is a second language for you.

The other two courses address the foundations of U.S. public and private law. Specifically, the U.S. public law course explores the U.S. Constitution and federal powers. The U.S. business law course offers you an understanding of U.S. business entities and important aspects of U.S. commercial law.

Who Should Apply?

The online Professional Certificate in U.S. Business and Constitutional Law is an excellent choice if you are a legal professional trained outside the United States, who wants to understand common law analysis, U.S. legal communication, and key aspects of U.S. constitutional and business law. This certificate provides you with the opportunity to:

  • build specialized English legal vocabulary and legal writing skills with a focus on foundational concepts in U.S. public and private law  
  • learn how to analyze judicial opinions and how laws are applied to new situations
  • experience the interactive teaching and learning style common in U.S. law school classrooms
  • meet and interact with students around the world who are interested in U.S. law
  • prepare for the possibility of pursuing a United States J.D. or LL.M. degree

Why Choose the Penn State Law Online Courses in U.S. Business and Constitutional Law?

As a leader in academic programs for lawyers and legal professionals trained outside the United States, Penn State Law provides non-native English speakers in the online certificate program with the same innovative and highly effective support that is available to students in our on-campus programs, including access to technical support and language specialists.

Penn State Law is one of the oldest law schools in the United States, offering residential J.D., LL.M., and S.J.D. programs that attract students from around the world. The courses that comprise the online professional certificate are designed and taught by members of the Penn State Law faculty, including leading scholars and teachers in a variety of legal areas. Penn State Law alumni have achieved the highest levels of professional success in the United States and internationally. 

Online Education at Penn State

Penn State has a history of 100+ years of distance education and more than a decade of experience in online learning. We strive to create an online learning environment that brings you the same quality experience as our residential students benefit from in a face-to-face setting. Learn more about Penn State World Campus